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Hi, My name is Rena Fischer and I am the manager of Optimal Health Solutions.  In August of 1999, I was living in Ohio and received a newspaper in the mail advertising a soluble concentrate stabilized rice bran called "Risotriene". This article told me all about the benefits. I tucked the paper away so I wouldn't lose it thinking this is a product that I'd like to try, especially for my daughter Julie that was diagnosed with MS eight years prior to that. When I finally made that call about the product, it was too late, the phone number was not valid anymore.
5 years had passed by and we were selling our house, moving to Oregon to be closer to Julie. My husband’s truck was for sale and a gentlemen from Indiana stopped to look at it and asked why we were moving. He said his wife had MS also. Two days later his wife Virginia called me and said, "don't give up on your daughters illness, there are natural products out there that can help". Three months after moving to Oregon, I received a book in the mail called "Risotriene Super Food" from her. I couldn't believe my eyes, it had been 5 years and I finally found this wonder product. Believe me, I made a phone call right away and ordered the product The 7 Essentials.
Julie was the first one to take The 7 Essentials and I saw a difference in her mental clarity and energy. I then ordered some for my 84 year old mom with congestive heart failure who three years prior to this date had 5 bypasses and a heart valve replacement. Since she has been taking it, she has more energy and her joints and body didn’t hurt as much. When my husband and I started taking it, we noticed an improvement in my husbands digestion and how it helped me with my hot flashes, sinuses, energy level, and how I'm able to stay awake passed 8:00 PM to watch a television program with my husband in the evening, some nights I'm up until 11:00. Another reason we like taking The 7 Essentials with RiSoTriene is this one complete product. We don't have to buy and take isolated pills anymore, it's so easy.

It was in January of 2004 that I was so pleased with the positive results taking The 7 Essentials I decided to make a commitment and become an distributor so I could share this Super Food with people who were looking for a healthier way of life.
My husband and I live in a small country town in La Pine Oregon. We have five children and nine grandchildren. We find Oregon to be a very beautiful place to live. We have deer in our front yard every day eating our wild bird food and we find it very peaceful up on the mountain with lots of pine trees and fresh air here in La Pine.

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