Molly's Risotriene Diet

This is a picture of my best friend "MOLLY".  She is a 10 year Golden Retriever and was born in Ohio from one of my litters.  I used to raise Golden Retrievers, they make perfect family companions with wonderful temperaments.

Last year in June Molly stopped eating and lost most of her energy so we took her to the vet and found out she had kidney failure and was told she would not live very long.  I was told that everyday I had Molly was a gift!   There were many times I thought it was time and that I would be losing her so I started giving her 2 scoops of Risotriene and 2 Kona minerals a day.  I started seeing a change for the better in her, more energy and she started eating better.

It has been a little over a year and I still have my best friend Molly.  We enjoy our long walks, visiting the old folks home and playing ball together and she still gets her 2 scoops or Risotriene and 2 kona minerals everyday!

This picture was taken in May of this year, we had snow this spring in Oregon!

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