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Kona Minerals

Kona minerals come from 2,000 ft. below the ocean surface off the Kona coast of Hawaii and are free of toxic heavy metals. Kona minerals are nature's perfect balance of macro mineral, micro minerals, and ultra trace minerals. They are present in the most readily absorbable and bio available form known.

This product is naturally free of heavy metals lead, mercury, and cadmium, which are common environmental pollutants and are generally present in land-based mineral sources. Kona minerals contain only pure minerals with no fillers, artificial colors, or preservatives.

INGREDIENTS: Chloride 109.79 mg, Potassium 99.00 mg, Sodium 68.61 mg, Calcium 240.00 mg, Magnesium 124.00 mg, Phosphorous 12.45 mg, Strontium 810 mcg, Boron 321.32 mcg Silicon 165.55 mcg, Iron 56 mcg, Antimony 18.8 mcg, Zinc 18.55 mcg, Chromium 17.15 mcg

Regular Price: $31.00

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