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Promoting Good Digestion and Cleansing

Cleanzyme is a gentle but powerfully effective supplement that incorporates an outstanding digestive aid with solid support for internal cleansing.* This product is beneficial to overall health while at the same time economically feasible.*

Enzyme and Herb Supplement

Herbal Bled 600mg

Artichoke (leaf) and Sarsaparilla (root)

Enzyme Blend 97 mg

Protease 4-5 (10,000 Hut) Amylase (1500 Dut),Malt Diatase (250 DP), Invertase (85 SU), Glucoamylase (3.2 AGU), Alpha-galactosidase (70 GalU), bromelain (150,000 FCCPU, lipase AN (100 FCCPU), protease 3.0 (5 SAPU),.

Regular Price: $39.00

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